Industry Insights

This is an ongoing series where I will examine, summarize and deconstruct various industry sources on game development.

This could range from a summary of a GDC talk, to an overview or analysis of a dev post to a simple shoutout of a particularly great personal blog!

Shorten the overtly expansive, explain the highly technical or expand on the annoyingly vague… or simply share what truly inspired and provoked me!

In other words, I do the dirty work, so you don’t have to! In this day and age, not everyone has time to watch/read/analyze everything so instead I present you with a curated list of useful content that you can then decide if you wanna dive into!

Just look up posts tagged “Industry Insights” and dive in!

Disclaimer: Naturally, I will strive to be as objective as possible but it is frankly bordering on the impossible to summarize or analyze without injecting your own stance and/or interpretation so do keep that in mind and always look up the sources (bottom of each page!) for the full picture!